I Solemnly Swear…

So, after much thought, I think that I have figured out why all my blog attempts have failed in the past. I’ve always been told, “Write what you know”. When I blog, I write about work, family, chores, hobbies, projects, pets…whatever’s on my mind at the time. Half the time, I wouldn’t even post what I wrote. The other half of the time, I’d post it, re-read it, and think to myself, “This is boring,” or, “I don’t want anyone to read this.”

Writing is a privilege for me. I’m not one of those people with the talent of being able to write while doing other things. When I get to write, it’s in the quiet of the morning, or some stolen hours alone on a weekend. In other words, it doesn’t happen very often. 😛 When it does happen, why in the world would I want to write about all the things I’ve been doing when I wasn’t writing?

So, this is why, despite it being in the forefront of my mind, I am NOT going to write about anything like that. I’m not going to write about what I do for a living. I’m not going to give cute anecdotes about my kids or my husband (although I love reading that stuff!). I might write about my cat, but only because she is the coolest. I think I want to use this as an exercise to help me transition more easily into my own “writing world”. Ha. I suppose we’ll see what happens.


One thought on “I Solemnly Swear…

  1. Melissa says:

    I like that! I fall into the same trap. Once, I was an avid journal keeper. I found great fulfillment at putting thoughts about my day down on paper. I’ve tried to keep a journal as an adult, but I found it painfully dull. I write now to take me out of my own life–very much the reason I read. Great post.

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