Exercise in characterization

Borrowed from writingprompts.tumblr.com


This is an interesting concept to me, so I thought I’d take a stab at it. From my own point of view, I think I am one part Fairy Diplomat, one part Brutally Honest Grandmother, and one part Reclusive Hermit Woman Who Talks to Cats.

I think I am a Fairy Diplomat because I don’t quite follow the rules of humanity, though I do try to fit in and to make people happy. I can’t always hide the magic in my imagination, and this has made me a bit of an outcast. A little weird. However, being brought up a Royal, I have excellent manners, and I am also able to recognize my own kin hiding amongst the humans.

Brutally Honest Grandmother: Sometimes I just have to put on the bright red lipstick and tell it like it is. Sometimes that bitchy little Early Twenties Who Thinks She Knows Everything needs to be put in her place. If someone never learned to respect their elders, well then, I’m happy to give them a lesson when they’re thirty. Better late than never. Fortunately or unfortunately, this personality is mostly in my head because I’m also a Reclusive Hermit Woman Who Talks to Cats.

Sometimes, I just can’t handle the real world. Sometimes I don’t want to talk to people, and I want to escape to my little cabin in the woods. No address, no driveway, no phone. This is really just a fantasy, however, because my Diplomatic responsibilities would never allow it.


One thought on “Exercise in characterization

  1. Redleg says:

    Ironically, everytime I see the header on your blog I think it’s, “I’m a princess” not “It’s a process.” Now I know why.

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