Catching Up

Whew! If I had not promised to keep my personal life out of this blog, I would have all kinds of stories for you, but, alas, I did promise. I suppose I’ll just have to say I’m back! I also need to get serious about finding people to read this thing, I s’pose. I will be participating in a blog tour soon, and I’d really like someone to read that, at least.

Honestly, I’m a little apprehensive about sharing this site with anyone, especially people I know in real life. I don’t like arguing, I don’t like offending, and I don’t like being misunderstood. I do, however, like the freedom to write about whatever is in my head, without worrying about any of those things happening. Let’s face it. Sometimes, what’s in my head isn’t the prettiest. I still think that writing about it is therapeutic. It helps me sort things out, maybe even to discover that those thoughts were incorrect. Sometimes I write ginormous essays about something that troubles me, and promptly delete them. It’s been sorted. 🙂


I haven’t been able to do much writing lately. It comes in spurts and sprints. I guess that’s how a marathon is run…one step at a time.