Some Stuff You Should Know

So, one of the things I wanted to do with this blog was to help promote books from Red Adept Publishing. (My boss says I have to disclose that I work there, so no one thinks it’s some kind of evil plot. I am not allowed to review the books, just promote.) I will soon participate in my first blog tour, and hopefully have more to follow. My blog just isn’t all that exciting yet. I feel like a weirdo for blogging when I haven’t been  writing.

Anyway. Some stuff you should know:

Recently Released by RAP:

Canvas-Bound-800-Cover-reveal-and-PromotionalLife-After-Dane-300-by-200 Nine-Feet-Under-800-Cover-Reveal-and-Promotional Stone-and-Silt-800-Cover-reveal-and-Promotional Lay-Death-at-Her-Door-800-Cover-reveal-and-PromotionalEver-Near-800-Cover-reveal-and-Promotional


The newest release:


Look for my author interview on October 23!


Okay, so now I will try to stay more on top of the news! That’s it for today. It’s a crazy Saturday at my house….but we won’t talk about that. 🙂




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